Butterflake Bakery is a Kosher, Nut Free and Sesame Free Facility

Our Story

Butterflake bakery has always been a neighborhood staple which still draws customer's back from across the 50 states and abroad. Butterflake remains the only local bakery left in Teaneck from many that once lined Cedar Lane the main shopping area of Teaneck.

Although a great bakery with a ever expanding clientele Butterflake bakery did not become a kosher establishment till the fall of 1998 when it was purchased by David & Richard Heisler whom not only brought the bakeries famous reputation to new heights, but also crafted it to meet the heights, but also crafted it to meet the hightest standards of kashruth.

In 2008 & 2009 Butterflake Bakery received the award for best bakery in Bergen County and picked as one of top 5 best Bakeries in NY Metropolitan area by CBS.