Butterflake Bakery is a Kosher, Nut Free and Sesame Free Facility

Nut Free in Butterflake Bakery

Have a Nut Allergy ……..WELL


Butterflake Bakery will continue to be NUT FREE* Through out the year.
To our valued customers Butterflake bakery has decided to remain completely nut free. No tree nuts, no walnuts, no pecans, no almonds, No peanuts, no peanut oil!

So please …Enjoy any of our Delicious
Pastry, Cookies, Rugalach, Pies, Cakes, and Cupcakes & Breads. As we take the worry out of your meal!

*Butterflake Bakery is committed to a no nut policy using no nuts or any nut products in the production of our baked goods. All attempts to secure nut free ingredients are made. Butterflake Bakery can not certify that the ingredients purchased are not processed in a facility that might process nut products as well as non nut products.
Thank You for your understanding